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When there is a stigma that surrounds something, whether it is a person, an object, an idea or a theme, it not only affects the thing itself, but everyone involved.  Our Country has seen an all-time high in the consequences and ramifications of its avoidance of mental-health issues.  The number of youth school shootings and veteran outbursts that have cost so many their lives, have been shocking to us all, yet they shouldn’t have been.  As a society, we have become so afraid to embrace mental health as an important part of our interactions, and so unfortunately, we see it rear its ugly head on the local news channel instead.


In the very same way, the stigmas we have created around the use of marijuana as a medicinal tool have done a huge disservice to those who seek its help.  Many people are afraid to seek a recommendation for medical marijuana because they fear being targeted by their employers, their friends, their families, and their community.  But many of these very same individuals are instead having to suffer through the use of opiates, narcotics, and other prescription drugs that carry heavy side effects and discomfort, as well as their addiction.  When we as an Association state that we are committed to changing the stigma associated with medical marijuana, we do so not only on principal, but on behalf of those who need it most.