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There are 483 different identifiable chemical constituents known to exist in Cannabis.  Each one of them has a unique and distinct molecular structure and provides its own medicinal benefit; some more potent than others.  Currently there are nutraceutical companies within the industry that are utilizing patented and patent-pending technologies, along with their protected unique processes, to create highly effective phytochemical specific formulas.  Using patented extraction processes, they carefully extract the desired phytochemicals from the plant; then through the use of another technology, they are able to isolate these phytochemicals so that they can be selectively used within a specific formula.  By using this method of extraction and isolation, they are able to create formulas that contain only the specific phytochemicals and the effective amounts that will deliver the desired medicinal effects within the body.

Additionally, these companies are now able to catalyze the phytochemicals outside of the body.  Whereas the liver is responsible for changing the THC-A into Delta-9-THC, which makes the phytochemical bioavailable to our body, these companies have created technologies that allow this change to occur outside of the body.  What this means for patient dosing is huge.  We are now NOT RELIANT on variables such as patient weight and metabolism to determine the timing of effects felt.  This outside catalyzation allows us to administer consistent dosing with consistent results, every time.