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Change policies to encourage more service members and veterans to seek needed health care:

  • So many who need it are reluctant to seek it.
  • Service members and Veterans need ways to obtain confidential services without fear of adverse consequences.



“Meeting the health care needs of returning troops who suffer from PTSD, depression, and TBI will be challenging.  The prevalence of these conditions is high and may grow as the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq continue.  The systems of care for meeting these needs have been improved, but critical gaps remain.  Without effective treatment, these conditions carry significant long-term costs and negative consequences.


Ultimately, this issue reaches beyond DOD and the VA into the general U.S. health care system and society at large.  Many Veterans seek care through private employer-sponsored health plans and in the public sector.  The broader health care system must adapt to the needs of this population if the United States is to meet its obligations to military veterans now and in the future.”


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