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The endocannabinoid system is a group of receptors within the brain that interacts with different chemicals, controlling synaptic processes such as appetite, pain-sensation, mood and memory.  When a chemical outside of a receptor binds to that receptor, it sends a signal to the cell and they work together to create a chemical reaction.  This chemical reaction creates an affect felt within our body – either a change in mood, a decrease in pain and inflammation, a stimulation of our appetite, a relaxation of our body and its seizures, or the ability to remember what we had previously forgotten.


What’s important to note is that our body is already manufacturing the chemicals that we intake when we consume marijuana, whatever the form.  In the same way that serotonin and dopamine are manufactured by our body, and delivered through synapses within our brain, so too are endocannabinoids.  And just as there are plants in nature that produce chemicals nearly identical to serotonin and dopamine (5-HTP and St. John’s Wart), so too there is a plant that produces the nearly identical variant of our own endocannabinoids – Cannabis.


You may ask why we would need to intake a supplement if our body is already creating it… The same reason why people continue to take prescriptions that mask their depression. The world has changed rapidly in the last 50 years. We work longer hours, we eat unhealthy foods, and we inhale toxins and pollution from the cars that we drive and the factories that manufacture our products. To put it plainly, our bodies are stressed. Their job is to maintain adequate levels of chemicals that balance one another out so that we maintain a proper level of homeostasis. But our bodies are working overtime, just as we are, and consequently, there are chemical deficiencies in which they cannot keep up.

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